Useful Details about 4 valuable Currencies in Marvel Contest of Champions


The Marvel Contest of Champions is becoming more famous, and the game is based on actions. There are various battles for testing your fighting skills. In which you can choose your favorite marvel series heroes. The game consists of some uncanny skills, and we can go with desired battle locations. Anyone can style the heroes by various accessories, and for it, we need a high amount of currency.

Four major currencies are present like gold, units, battle chips, and loyalty. All the currencies are for leveling up in the game. If you are struggling for currency, then you can pick the Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats tool. It is best to cheat for grabbing the high amount of currency.


Gold is the prime currency of the game, and it is for upgrading heroes. By the high amount of it, we can access some special events. The players should earn a sufficient amount of gold for getting more chances.


The units are paid currency, and it is hard to get in the game. We can only purchase it, and the players can use it for healing and restoring the heroes, and we can customize various things.

Battles chips and loyalty

Battle chips are for joining various events, and we can purchase some amount of crystals. Loyalty is part of the currency, and by it, we can get the alliance crystals. You can get loyalty by taking part in alliance events.