Things you must know about Ark survival Evolved

For those people, who like to do survival tasks Ark survival Evolved is the best game to play. Many more survival games are available to download, but it is best from all until now. The studio wildcard launches it for both Android and IOS. If you want to do survival tasks but not able to do that, then it is the best source to do by sitting in the one place. Before you start, make sure to see tutorials for learning the way to play it. For play it you need to get a touch phone with high ram because in small phones the game not works properly. If you like missions, then be ready to face the dinosaurs to complete the missions. Try to make tools by own self in the game to kill the enemies.


Follow all steps to know more about the game.


  • Create your player- It is the very easy step to make a player by your own choice. Give your information to make the perfect player for you, choose right gender or give your name to the player for making more interest. Select the right size or options because after the selection you can’t change the character. With the help of the sliders, you can change the body parts easily. Take time in this section, because the right character gives you help till the end.


  • Use all resources – the games start for you from the forests of the island, you have to bare your hands to utilize all resources by getting ARK Survival Evolved Cheats. You always want the wood to survive, so try to punch the tree to get the wood. Try to collect the small rocks; it gives help to you while hunting. Moreover, try to find the ropes or thatch for the missions.  To reducing the thrust of water, you should take help from swimming, because your player will drink water automatically under the water. Use the bare hands for punching, but you should take care while punching the trees, because it reduces the health. It gives us a lesson that human hands are not made for taking trees down.


  • Increase your level- Make a goal from the beginning to increase the level fast as you can. Try to do some performance tasks; it gives you help for improvement. To develop the level you have to try to clear all the tasks. If your level is ready to increase, then you will get the notification of it on your display. Make your health stronger in the game because it helps you to carry more equipment with you.


  • Create tools– Try to collect the material to make tools for hunting, take the idea from the guide to make new weapons from stones, wood or thatch. Create your weapons by owns with the help of crafting; it makes yourself familiar with these things. You should try to craft for multiple items at the same time or use the menu to look more for these recipes. If you are a good crafter, then try to make a shelter for you first.


  • Use the bar–   you can find the hot bar at the lower left side of the screen. Try to out the option to find the tools outside; it helps you to save a lot of time.  When you need an item, tap to the hot bar or select those items which you need most.  You can tap on the screen when you need something.  You should select only important items to show on the hot bar.





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