It is not the knowledge but mastery that makes a law

It is not the knowledge but mastery that makes a law

One of the real-time approaches which is a unique game, for those who are interested in army can believe himself as a soldier as in your real time role model. This would me mush more interesting and brings your passion for the nation, which drives crazy to know more about the army to be one of the soldier in future to protect our country. The game tips are of two where one is the hack and other is the cheats, to build a strong team to attack the opponent and to gain several properties to build your own kingdom. There are two types of unique modes which is too hard to play, where you can use guns of glory hack to protect your kingdom and also earn more points. There are various real time characters are available in this game.

Team work is the best

The best team stands as an example of ‘Unity is strength’, more than counting the force members you can count your strength and power to attack any kind of team. When your opponent reaches a level five times higher than you, as you started the game bit late your opponent may have more number of resources, good kingdom and more of all has the strongest team with plenty of soldiers. As you have less number of soldiers you will not have time to train them properly and to get more members you have to unlock up to a certain level, in this case you can use guns of glory hacks to win the battle with your opponent, no matter how big the crowd is!

How to protect?

Shield is the best protection when you’re not online as it saves your resources and kingdom, it can be used in wars to protect your team members and other soldiers. Shield can be bought in cheap that protect you for about 8 hours from your opponent even if you don’t fight, by this you can easily unlock the next level.

Awareness from being attacked

The call for war can be known by the light on the watchtower, they will attack you at any time without any expectations you should always be ready for the war. The safety measures for the alliance, other soldiers and protection for your kingdom should always be available. Prevention is better than cure!

Tricks to win the battle

One should always be active and aware of what will happen next, you should know few tricks to defend your opponent without any loss in your field. Once when they come for war you must send few of your soldiers to the store and to their place to steal all the resources to your kingdom. The best way to attack them is by using the shield, but still you must always have the best and active alliance to make the battle success. As the shield is costly you can use the best guns of glory tricks with the help of cheats to get the shields which you needed to protect yourself from the opponent. You can keep changing your alliance till you find the best one to protect your kingdom and make it successful.