Episodes: Get unlimited gems and passes


If you have been into pretending recreations, at that point, you might know that today a few pretending playing diversions have been propelled. Among every one of them, one best RPG game named Episodes pick your story. It is an ideal approach to pass your relaxation hours having a great time assuming the jobs in the virtual universe of Episodes. The game was made by the organization named Pocket pearls in 2014, and it has been cherished by the people such a considerable amount of that there are more than 5 million downloads from the application stores.

The story itself is divided into small segments that can be opened utilizing the passes and the gems. Along these lines, spend them carefully, or the consequences will be severe use the episode choose story hack.


The currencies are the most basic stuff in the entire game. These are essential for systematically playing the game. These are:


The pearls are the primary and the leading cash in the game. Presently you might ponder that for what reasons the gems are so fundamental in the game and where would they be able to be used. In this manner, the response to that is like genuine cash; the pearls are the credits in the virtual universe of Episodes. TO go on dates in the game you will require keeping up your character too. To buy adorable outfits for you to pull in others also, to settle on a few significant decisions during the game needs the use of jewels.


Moving on to the passes, at that point these are required to open the new parts in the game. There are boundless of sections in the tales which can be opened with the assistance of these passes. For that reason, it is an essential undertaking to gather the passes routinely.

These are the currencies that help you in buying the outfits and participate in the events. If you like to purchase different costumes, then play Episodes game.

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