Core information about Episode


If you are fond about games, then you can download Episode. It is an amazing game, and the game is developed by Episode interactive.  It is a simulation-based game and in which you are playing the role of model, and every task are completed by your avatar.  The gameplay is the adventures part, and anyone can become familiar with it. Some cool graphics of the game is enhancing the clarity, and we can see the detailing of characters. You can add many new things by unlocking various kinds of new tools in the game. Currency is also a vital part of the game, and before playing the games, we have to go with many important points.

Make your avatar

The game gives the chance of making the avatar. In which we will add several things for your avatar look. The avatar is attractive points, and we can also share avatar look with your friends.  There are various tasks, and all are very handy for many users, and some of the tasks are completed by the Avatar. You can dress up the avatar by some kinds of new fashions.

Build relationships

It has various parts for developing relationships, and we can expand our relations by such kind of task. You will make many new friends in the game, and it is an online based game, and for that, we have to connect with the internet.

Various stories

Many kinds of stories are available for enjoyment, and you can get real fun by selecting the stories. Comedy, drama, emotions, love and many more stories are giving real pleasure while playing the game. The player has to get the trending story, and the whole game depends on your stories. The success of any player will depend on the stories.

Upgrade things

Lots of things are present in the game for paying and time to time we need to upgrade for new things. You can change many things of your avatar, and some of the new accessories are added on a regular period. It also reflects your ranking on the game.


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