A Complete Beginners Guide To Candy Crush-Mobile Game!

Candy Crush us is one of the trending match-3 puzzle game with various fantastic color candies. Many players around the world are getting addicted to the game. The game itself is incredibly simple to play, but when the players reach a higher level, they need to face more challenges or hard levels. Tons of exciting tasks, missions, challenges are added in the game, which makes it fantastic as compared to others.

Game characters will travel on a train while going on the next level and need to face various exciting tasks. New events are waiting for you to pass besides to explore endless entertainment. In the post, we are going to mention all about the game that people should know. Also, you don’t need to go for how to cheat candy crush as it includes simple gameplay.


In each stage, you are going to get several lives or moves to pass the level. In a certain number of steps, you need to give the level or either you need to replay it. Also, there are limited lives offered to players to play the game. After finishing their lives, users need to wait for 24 hours or less to refill their lives.

Focus on the goal

Every time players get different objectives or goals in the stages which they need to complete. Completing the target in fewer moves allows you to earn more rewards, bonuses as well as benefits. Learning how to cheat candy crush also offers more bonuses.


Making unique candy combos allow players to pass each level as soon as possible. Matching four same candies make a bomb which can destroy all candies in a single direction. Spotting the right direction allows you to grab more benefit, points, and other automatic combos. Try to make more combos in every stage which helps users to pass higher levels.