Free Clash Royale Gems

Free Clash Royale Gems


For months on end, players have asked for a better way to earn gold, elixir, new cards, and just progress in Clash Royale. That’s finally here starting in October. As you saw in the video above, Quests are now available with dozens of way to earn content in-game.

Players will be able to earn epic rewards by completing daily quests, and more importantly, weekly quests. Some are easy and only take a few battles, while others require grinding out battles day after day for an entire week. Head to the new Quests tab in Clash Royale to see everything available and start working towards new goals today.

Another big aspect of this update is new game modes. Supercell is kicking things off with essentially a brand new type of game, called Touchdown. This is a completely new style of Clash Royale. No buildings, no towers, just get troops to the end zone as fast as possible. It’s more difficult than it sounds. Try it in-game today. Then, there are new events where players an earn tons of gold and gems just for playing.

Touchdown is a sporty new game mode – without towers

Earn gold and gems by taking down towers during Gold Rush and Gem Rush events

Now you can chat and have a rematch with your 2v2 teammate

Mirror Battles give you and your clash royale review opponent the exact same deck

Challenges come in more shapes and clash royale hack sizes and unlock at level 5

Each 2v2 battle (and regular battles) now has a “rematch” button after the battle is over. You can exit, start a rematch, or go into chat and trash-talk your opponent. We’ve asked for a rematch button for over a year, and now it’s finally available.

In the future, likely after the Touchdown challenge, a new “Mirror Battle” mode will arrive. This gives every player the exact same deck to truly test your skill. No more excuses, aside from card rotation, of course.

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