5 longest mountain trails in Canada


In Canada there are long distance trails in every province and territory. Almost every National Parks have long trail systems. Many multi-day backpackign trips are possible as well. Here are the longest mountain trails in Canada.

Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail will cover about 24,000 km, covering Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Antarctic Oceans. At present, 17,000 km have been developed consisting of about 50 smaller trails. These trails run through every territory and province in the coutnry. This trail can be trekked by cycling, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing or even skiing in some places.

Quebec’s National Hiking Trail


This trail is about 1500 km in length. The trail will run from the Ottawa area, and go across the Laurentians and Charlevoix regions before passing the St. Lawrence at Les Escoumins. The Chic Choc Mountains has 150 km of trail.

East Coast Trail


It is a 540 km trail running along the eastern cliffs of the Avalon Peninsula in New Foundland. About half the trail is now complete. It is broken down into 18 sections. It is possible to access each section within a day. The trail links 32 historic communities. You will be able to see spectacular scenaries including light houses, icebergs and sea.

Waskahegan Trail


The trail is 309 km long. It makes a loop starting south of Edmonton and going to Westaskiwin and then east to Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. You may have to do a series of day hikes.

The West Coast Trail


This is one of the most popular long distance trails in Canada. About 8,000 people come here every season to trek down the 75 kilometer section of beach and rain forest between Bamfiled in the north and Port Renfrew in the south.

Some of these trails are designed for adventurous people who have expert wilderness and navigation skills. There are plenty of long trails available in Canada.

4 great adventure sports for women of all ages


Adventurous activities provide an opportunity to develop skills and increase confidence. It gives a chance for personal challenge. You also get to experience the natural environment by activating your senses and improving your inner feeling of happiness. Here are some adventure sports that women of all ages will enjoy.



Trekking is a great experience. You get to see some breathtaking views of the world while trekking. There are various trekking routes which you can take.



You can go cycling in a beautiful natural environment. There are varieties of terrain and gear options that can make suitable for any level of cyclist. You can travel on a bike path, a singletrack or on pavement. You can go on an hour long cycling or even more.

Wild camping

Camping in the wild can be very thrilling. There are various camping tours available. You can go camping in a very remote place where you won’t find many facilities. You can observe nature in it’s purest form through these wild campings.


You can go for a yoga adventure. We think of yoga as a relaxation and meditative state. We think of stretching and balance, being centered. You will find many vacation options in beautiful places around the world that will give you a rejuvenating experience. For adventure seekers, a yoga session followed by a surfing class, for example, can be a great experience. You can combine yoga with adventure or even extreme sports.

These adventure sports are suitable for woman of all ages. You will find various package tours to some wonderful destinations around the world. So, go out there and have an adventurous experience. These kinds of adventure sports are great to boost self confidence.

3 largest girls scout groups in the US


Girls scout believes in the power of every girl. The girls scout discovers women’s passions, strengths and talents. The mission of Girl Scout is to build girls of confidence, courage and character in order to make this world a better place. It provides programs for girls across the globe. Here are the largest girls scout groups in the US.

Girl Scout of Greater New York


This was founded in 1913. It is the largest girls’ leadership program with having more than 29,000 girls of ages 5 to 17 in five boroughs. The scout program includes environmental leadership, business and entrepreneurship, personal identity leadership, task-action service projects, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. There are more than 7.500 adult volunteers that help in these programs.

Girl Scout of Greater Chicago and Indiana


Here, girls have tons of fun, have great new adventures and make new friends. Girls get involved in a lot of activities and earn badges, sell cookies, explore the outdoors, go on exciting trips, and many more. Through these programs, girls build up confidence and can find out who they really are and what their talents are.

Girl Scout of Western Washington


Every girl here is empowered to fulfill her potential in order to make this world a better place. The girls and the volunteers here have flexible options that reflect their diverse interests. The staffs and volunteers here have the skills and resources to engage with the diverse community. There are 25,00 girls and 12,500 adult members across 17 counties in western Washington.

Girl Scouts are always looking forward to the next adventure they’ll go on together. Some go for an experiment; some go for helping the community. Girl Scouts have endless possibilities of making new friends. It offers each girl an opportunity to do something amazing.